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take a look at our popular cookbook. published during covid-19, the first print is almost sold out.  make sure to reserve your copy now - or you'll have o wait until we are printing the next batch! And who knows ..?

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    Welcome to our brand new edition of ‘Good Season-ing’

With more than 100 of our favorite recipes, dozens of beloved German songs  - some with our very own English translations - witty poems, illustrations and photos, our history and stories on 150 pages, this makes the perfect addition to your kitchen and a perfect gift to pass along to your children and grand children, friends and neighbors.

"Good Season-ing," its first edition originally written in the 1990’s by former Elmhurst Damenchor President Brigitte Lenke, will be a treasured guide for every season, see some sample pages below! Remember this delightful little spring song - we have the appetizer to go with it! Need a tip for your summer picnic - a salad, a witty poem anyone - or a favorite recipe picked up from traveling around the world?  How about our ‘Oktoberfest Special’ for the fall - and some drinking songs to go along? Nothing beats Grandma’s hearty recipes for those cold winter days, right? And yes, on popular demand we have added a fifth season this time - the holiday season, a time when any cook or baker meets his or her ultimate challenge. To make it easier for you, we’re showing you some shortcuts to all this mayhem. Not to forget our rum-spiked hot apple cider which makes time spent in the kitchen so much more bearable.

Contact us at to order or pick up your special copy

Books are $20.00 (plus $5 for shipping & handling)

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Summer 'Stammtisch' photos  - 2021

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Summer 'Stammtisch' photos  - 2020

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The first Concert in June 2019 under our new name

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Rehearsals are starting again after our summer break on August 1, 2022

If you love to sing, please join us

any Monday night

at 6:30 p.m.

at the Elks Lodge,

711 W. St. Charles Rd, Elmhurst/Villa Park

(3  blks W. of Rt. 83)

or contact us at

We would love to hear from you 

(vaccination required)