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St. Nikolaus & Knecht Ruprecht hope to see  your  kids (and you)

in December.  In the mantime, start praticing our sing-alongs!

2023 St Nick's poster.jpg

Snapshots from our 64th Saengerfest in Madison, Wisconsin in June.

Please join us in 2026 in San Antonio, Tx

2023 Madison.jpg
2023 Madison3.jpg
2023 Madison5.jpg
2023 Madison2.jpg
2023 Madison4.jpg
2023 Madison6.jpg
2023 Madison7.jpg
2023 Madison8.jpg

Fathers Day 2023 at Schmidt's Biergarten

2023 Fathers Day.jpg
2023 Fathers Day3.jpg
2023 Fathers Day2.jpg
2023 Fathers Day4.jpg
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