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Our Events in 2019

Fall colors at Starved Rock

2019 Starved Rock.jpg
2019 Starved Rock3.jpg
2019 Starved Rock2.jpg
2019 Starved Rock4.jpg

Oktoberfest in Frankfort & in Lombard

Chef Klaus .jpg
Beacon Hill.jpg
Beacon Hill2.jpg


Kis 9-19.jpg

Steubenparade on lincoln ave., chicago

2019 Steuben Parade.jpg
2019 Steuben Parade2.jpg
2019 Steuben Parade3.jpg
2019 Steuben Parade4.jpg

Always a lot of fun - our annual pool party at Irma's

Sorry guys, ladies only!

2019 Irma's Pool Party.jpg
2019 Irma's Pool Party3.jpg
2019 Irma's Pool Party2.jpg
2019 Irma's Pool Party4.jpg
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